Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marilla's 2nd Birthday (And My 100th Blog Post!)

So blogger tells me this is my 100th post. Everyone who knows me is quite surprised, I know, to think that I have managed to blather that much! :-) Most bloggers have a big giveaway or some such thing when they reach a big milestone like an 100th post, but the only thing I have to offer is pictures of my daughter's birthday. It would be nice to have something to give people, if only to have people write comments! It's SO nice to log onto my e-mail and see someone has commented (i.e. read my blog!) However, the point of this blog is to give me a place for the aforementioned blathering, and to put pictures up for my family, not to browbeat people into stroking my hungry ego. If you're feeling gracious, though, feel free to say "Hi!" in the comments!

Little Rilla started out her birthday in Marilla fashion-- trying to see the other side of the camera while I'm taking a picture of her.

I bought her this Cabbage Patch Doll when she was about 6 months old. I planned to give it to her for her first birthday, but when that rolled around I decided she wouldn't really care for it at that time. Of course, me buying it had nothing to do with my own Cabbage Patch Kid obsession...

Thankfully, she loves playing with dolls right now, so it works out perfectly. The doll in her other arm is Gilbert-- one of the many dolls named "Gilbert," but he's the favorite Gilbert at the moment. He's actually a present from Abigail and Lydia to Cheyenne when Elliott was first born!

Yup, still wanting to "See?! See?!"

The doll's name was Vincenza Carroll. It seemed like a bit of a mouthful, so I took the liberty of rechristening it "Tillie." I've always thought it was a cute name, and now that I don't think I will ever have another daughter, it was begging to be used for something!

Elliott wanted his pictures taken with his stuff, too!

Cheesy grin!

Yes, Marilla, you have a cheesy grin, too!

Elliott, with his train from Hopie, and his bear-- a present from the NICU doctors at one of his follow-up appointments.

"I have a boo-boo. OUCH!!" Besides the nice bite mark on from Marilla's little temper tantrum yesterday, he has two big marks on his forehead from falling off the swivel computer chair this morning.

Marilla, rubber boots on as usual, busily maneuvering the doll crib to be SMACK in front of the stairs!

Cheyenne, hugging a fairly reluctant Rilla.

Daddy thought Rilla needed a bit more for her birthday, so he stopped on the way home and bought her a couple of cute summer dresses. I love this one, though, as Evan has pointed out, it doesn't REALLY go with her purple polka-dot tights.

Right before we lit the candles on the cake, Rilla got a call from the Alaska cousins. She loves hearing "Happy Birthday!" Orianna and Lily called her earlier today, too. She doesn't quite get birthday etiquette, though, and sings along when people sing to her!


Puffing the cheeks out nicely, but a little too far from the candles to do much!

Quite the little puffer fish.

NOW we're close enough!

Elliott watching.

Silly Cheyenne.

AFTER we took off the pretty new dress, Rilla got into the cake.

AND said, "See?! See?!"

This is Miss Cheyenne's 2nd birthday...

And Elliott's 2nd! Man, two-year olds are CUTE! Looking forward to my busy little girl's next year!

I did slightly tweak my blog design in honor of having 100 posts-- I added a search bar on the right. Not that I think many readers will really need it, but now that I have so many posts, I like to be able to go back and see what I wrote about something. This blog is kind of like a baby book and diary all rolled into one, so I like looking back to see what's happened in the last two years!


Lisa White said...

Thanks so much for posting...I love to see what's going on when I'm not around...and you have the cutest children I have ever seen. I think Rilla looks like Cheyenne in the picture where Cheyenne is squeezing her. Anyway, loved the post. Is your ego stroked yet?!?!?!?!

The McCoys said...

"Hi" :-) Enjoyed all the pics - looks like a fun birthday! Tille isn't a name you hear everyday...was Gpa Pik's Mother's name...well Teofile, but I always heard her called Tille... have a good night!

Ashley said...

dear clover,
i LOVE reading your blog!! your kids are the cutest ever, and you are a fantastic writer. i should say hi more often...i hope you are all well, and happy birthday marilla! i remember [not too long ago!] holding her while you had breakfast at convention :]

hugs :]

Rebekah said...

Happy 100th blog post! No need for prizes and such...the best things in life are not things! Wow, looks a very fun birthday. We have a few of those coming up in our household too next week. Very fun times. I always read your blog, but from my google reader so thus no comments from me!!

Briana said...

sooooooo cute!!! i always love seeing new pics of your kids, they are all adorable! can't wait to see what #4 looks like :P my cabbage patch doll's name was "emmalita karna" quite a mouthful for a 2 year old, mom says people used to get quite a kick out of it!! hugs to all!

Lisa said...

Oh, so there are others than Becky and I that read this... look at all these comments! ;) I know the feeling- it's funny how the number of profile views on my blog keeps going up, but the comments always seem to come from only a few, and there are only 5 "followers", hmm, guess there are a lot of secret peepers out there! =) Thanks, loved the pics again!

Becky Gonce said...

HI! =-) I've been out of pocket and missed all my blogs, so good to see you again! Happy Birthday Marilla! 2 yr olds are fun!