Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Road Trip to FL (Or, Lots of Cloud Pictures)

Evan drove to Florida with Dad, Tori, Olivia and Cheyenne. For some reason, it seemed better not to take a pregnant lady, toddler, and wiggly 4-year old on that leg of the trip. They left Tuesday night and drove all night. (The kids and I flew down late Wednesday night.) Anyway, I gave Olivia my camera to take pictures of the trip, figuring (rightly!) I would be too busy corralling kids to take many pictures in the airport.

The only problem with that scenario is that Olivia likes taking pictures of clouds.

A lot. So I had to scroll through 400+ pictures of that part of the trip.

It was NOT a good night to be driving through Pennsylvania and Virginia. In fact, not long after Dad and Evan drove through that area, they closed down I-81. This was the snow in Virginia.

The temperature just kept dropping, the further south (or west) they headed.

When Olivia wasn't busy taking blurry pictures out of the window, she took pictures of her seatmate.

Little brown-eyed girl.

Tsk, tsk, such disrespect.


And silly.

I don't know if this was a self-portrait or if she let Cheyenne man the camera for a while.

Then it was back to pictures of clouds, of course.

And snow-covered southern states.

And road signs. It isn't really legal to take a road trip over a thousand miles and NOT take pictures of road signs.

Apparently, she got creative with drawing.

Don't know if Olivia and Tori drew this name card for Cheyenne. Note the Professional Driver in the driver's seat.

Pictures of Mountain Dew are only permissible after you've been in the car a LONG time.

And more clouds!

They finally arrived at my cousin's place in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon. It's a shame Evan doesn't feel at home here.

Mr. Wilson.

Katie and Tori playing a game.

Does this child not have a mother??!! Actually, not a present mother.

Olivia took pictures of the back of a chair-- I like the light here...

And a bird in the window.

Then, it was time for a play. I haven't heard the whole plot, but judging by the pictures, it was complex!

Wilson reading his part.

Cheyenne READING!

Cheyenne, backed by more of the cast.

Katie, looking way too tall and grown-up. The last time I was at her house, she was little.

Olivia's costume is one of the best parts.

Tori with the emotion.

I think Wilson might be hamming it up slightly for the camera.

I like Olivia's stance. SURE wish I could have seen the play!

Cheyenne with a hand-me-down barrette.

Not that she thought she was spiffy or anything. The pile of barrettes Sheri gave her have almost replaced the bag of Mom's outcast scarves as the kids' favorite toy.

Wilson, exuding calmness.

I think that's the lemon meringue pie Katie made. Which was quite alright with her Uncle Lee.

Tori Alice.

Hmmm, is Wilson now Princess Pretty Braids?

Cheyenne thought her big cousins were pretty cool.

The Cool Kids.

I think Wilson is a boy.

Quite the pose, Livie.

"Evan, you really took a picture of that?"

Katie protecting her mother from the camera. I'm not even posting the portrait of you that Olivia took, Sheri.

Then, back in the car for the remaining trip to Florida.

Which means, of course, more pictures of clouds.

Swamp, looking southern.

A bridge across the bay, when they're finally in Florida!

I just realized I blog about other people's cool road trips-- this takes me back to captioning all the pictures Cody sent me for his blog. It's kind of interesting to try to figure out what's going on from the pictures. I'm sure Olivia will be writing to correct me on some things, but the gist of it is-- they drove a LONG time from NY to FL, and Olivia took lots of pictures-- especially of clouds!

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Lisa said...

Fun pics! I'm curious about the play too, we had fun doing them growing up! Glad you're getting the house back into shape, when it gets too out-of-hand I get frustrated over the littlest things. Sure can't wait to come back there this fall!!