Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our February Vacation, Thus Far

So we have had a lovely February break, although we didn't go to Florida this year. I've been to Florida since I've been to Dana and Marilyn's place, though, so it was wonderful to have several days there.

All spiffied upon on Sunday. Elliott is trying to roll his eyes out of his head, and Rilla is looking on, concerned.

Hey, everyone's actually looking at the camera and smiling!! Too bad we hadn't fussed much with the backdrop, but it's a little "slice of life" picture, I guess. Elliott was so happy to find his sock monkey's brother this week, he had fun dragging the brown monkey on the floor around.

I have no idea why my camera was caught so off-guard by the bright snow, but I haven't been able to make these pictures look anything but washed out. The kids were sure having fun in the the snow, though, so I'll put the pictures up anyway!

The pretty view in the background. It's such a pretty place there.

Sledding between Daddy's legs.

The goal was to make it to the (very untraveled side) road.

My happy little snow boy.

Even though Lincoln and I didn't go sledding, we partook of the fresh air and sunshine.

I think my son is going to have a large diastema!

He is a fun little bundle!

Evan playing "Going on a Bear Hunt" with Lincoln.

Lincoln liked hunting bears.

Grandma and the kids "opening the gate" on their bear hunt.

Swishing through the grass.

Dana watching from his Chair O' Sickness.

Elliott playing with Uncle Tyler's old village.

See, it's a helicopter!

Cheyenne stole the camera and did some portraits. Here's photographic proof that... Marilla is still cute and curly-headed.

I really like this picture she took of Marilyn.

Here is Lincoln, a little bit sad and sleepy-eyed in the morning.

Then, the vacation was over. We left there Wednesday morning and came home to a fairly messy house, and somehow managed to whip it into shape for our Wednesday night meeting! I still haven't unpacked the suitcase of dirty clothes (or the suitcase of clean clothes, for that matter), but at least I kept the house reasonably clean today. We had a extra person in our van on the trip back-- Mammy hitched a ride here enroute to Aunt Sally's house. She kept the kids entertained Wednesday afternoon while I cleaned. I was glad the kids had a chance to get to know her, and they sure enjoyed her stories (and all the books she read them!)

Aunt Sally and Uncle Leon came to pick Mammy up this morning, so we had to get a picture of Elliott in his "Uncle Leon shirt"-- with Uncle Leon!

Marilla was not impressed that the camera was not pointed at her.

"Ahh, pointed at me... That's more like it!"

I think her eyes have sort of settled into a green classification. They are sparkly and beautiful, no matter their technical color.

Elliott exhibiting his favorite activity-- running up to a piece of furniture and somersaulting into an upside-down position.

Marilla wanted a picture to prove that she could "show my belly!" too.

Cheyenne had a rough day, snuggled up with a book, blanket and baby. This child needs four or five books a day to keep her satisfied.

These are our Valentine roses. They are starting to decay, which only makes them richer and more beautiful.

One withered little drooping head.

I was trying to get a picture of their current deep purple color, but this came out way more red.

Poor focusing, but maybe a little more true to the color.

We've had sad news of about the health of several different people lately. My dad is currently in Pennsylvania with our cousin, Billy Schweighofer, who isn't doing well. I've been so thankful that my cousins have kept us up-to-date by posting news on Facebook, I even check when I wake up in the night to feed Lincoln! Thinking of wonderful older folks getting ready to face eternity has both sobered and enriched our thoughts lately. Thankful for all those who go before us!

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Becky Gonce said...

Wow, Rilla and Lincoln sure seem to be growing up! the last few posts they have just seemed older! You have the cutest kiddos...on the east coast, I have the cutest on the West coast! =-) HAHA!