Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Family Reunion

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a family reunion at Aunt Sally's house.  Despite the fact that not everyone was able to attend, we had an awesome time!  Such an awesome time that I pretty much forgot to take pictures, unfortunately.  But I did get a few!

Brooke is working on this quilt.  She hasn't finished piecing all the blocks, but she was just playing around with some of the possible permutations.  I had no idea there was so many different ways you could make patterns with the quilt squares!  The light is terrible here, but the colors are beautiful jewel tones.  Gorgeous!

A gorgeous little girl, reading.  Thankfully, Aunt Sally still has a large stash of kids' books.  I think my kids hauled all of them through the living room at some point.


Sunday was Mammy's 89th birthday.  We celebrated on Saturday, because... why wait for cake?

My least blurry shot of Mammy with her three daughters.

The grandkids that were able to be there-- Evan, Laurie and Charlene!  Evan was beside himself with excitement, getting his picture taken with these beautiful women.

And, the great grandchildren.  Only one not able to be there, so it's a big picture!

Lots of fun second cousins for my kids!

One of the zillions of Nertz games.

Good thing there was a large table.

While the big kids played card games, the little kids got Duplo blocks!  They all loved them-- even my way-too-old for most kid things girl spent hours building buildings.

They came in this bus-shaped bin-- which doubled as a ride when obliging cousins would push!

Lincoln loved emptying the bin-- and throwing rolls in the bin, by the look of it here!

There was so. much. good. food.  This is some of Monday morning's bounty-- four loaves of cinnamon bread, and rolls for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Evan figured out that Aunt Diana made 239 rolls (15 batches) for the weekend.  That's an average of 11 rolls per person.  I will freely admit that I did not stint in my quota.  I think that's all Marilla ate all weekend.

Sweet potato fries, about to go in the oven.  YUM!!

Cheyenne had so much fun with The Big Girls.  This was supposed to be a picture of the girls who camped out in the living room floor Sunday night, but Marilla weaseled her way in, too.

The girls had a tent all set up to sleep outside, but the rumblings of thunder warned them, and they carried in the air mattresses and blankets before the torrential downpour and sizzling lightning storm hit.  We all huddled around the living room watching the flashes of lightning.  As someone said, "Better than T. V.!"

Elliott thinks Uncle Leon is pretty cool.

No pictures of the volleyball games, or the bonfire Sunday night, the mahjong games or the huge puzzle Sunday afternoon.  It was all good fun, though.

We got home latish Monday evening, and then spent all day in Syracuse on Tuesday for an appointment.  I finally got all the wash put away today, tomorrow is for tackling some of the mess around here, and celebrating Mr. Amazing Lincoln's 1st birthday!!


Rebekah said...

Wonderful pics, thanks for posting...haven't seen some of those faces in a long time. Hoping to go to Freedom this year though...............:)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Cheyenne's ecstatic about Lydia coming to Freedom! :-)

Cecil and Amy said...

What's Nertz? It looks like it is played with regular cards?

The picture of the girls that "camped out"- the girl in the front center looks so much like Nina Earl at that age!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Thanks to the wonders of The Innernets, Amy, I am able to answer your question easily! :-)

It is a lot of fun, 4-6 people is the best. If you only have 2 people, it's a game genteel old ladies would play, but when you get to 4 or more, it's more like playing spoons with Vaughans and Parkers!