Monday, June 27, 2011

This is probably one of those whiny posts, but I'll try to look on the bright side.  Which will look brighter once I get some sleep.

I have lots of awesome pictures to post from our last weekend at Vaughans, plus the intermittent awesomeness that is the end of school/beginning of vacation.  However, since I worked on the house all evening and my kitchen still looks like it belongs to a fraternity house (substituting sippy cups for beer bottles, of course), I'm not going to spend the time uploading them tonight.  Mayhap tomorrow!

Lincoln woke up sick this morning, which made me feel guilty because I have been wishing he would EVER want to cuddle.  Well, he did, in between shaking his whole little body with the heaves.  He stopped that around noon, but he was never a real happy camper.  I still managed to fill my clothesline for the first time (it's got 10 long lines, so that's quite an achievement!) and the laundry is almost all put away.  Evan was wonderful tonight, and after mowing the lawn, grilled steaks for supper.  I felt very suburban, eating steaks and salad on our back deck on a summer evening!  :-)

This is the first day we've had "normal" summer vacation, and it went pretty well.  Poor Cheyenne really wants to be a help, but the other two are very independent and want nothing to do with her assistance!  She offered to make them breakfast this morning, but they both wanted oatmeal, which was outside Cheyenne's area of expertise.  She was pretty cast down about that, and about the fact that a sick little Lincoln only wanted to be in Mommy's arms.  She did make her bed and tidy her room this morning, which truly is quite helpful.  I'm hoping we can keep everything on an even keel this summer so we can all enjoy this togetherness!

I've been laughing at Marilla, I gave her a dollar bill Friday night when we were shopping, and she's played far more with the dollar than she ever would have with a toy the dollar could have bought! She switches it between purses, and puts it in her back pocket (which makes her walk with a swagger!) and generally admires it.

I better let this be it if I'm going to try the "early to bed, early to rise" plan.  We've been "early to rise" a lot lately (the kids' choice, not mine!) so I figured I should start trying to fit the "early to bed" part in, too.

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Bethaney said...

I am glad to know that Orianna has a cousin that is as impressed with money as she is. Orianna has quickly depleted her stash by buying a playmobil kids room set. I want grilled steak! I need to figure out our grill. Shouldn't be too difficult. Ha. Famous last words.
Tell Cheyenne I could use a helper around here! Orianna and Lily are too busy helping each other make a mess to clean things up. :-)