Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recent Conversation

After I got done explaining that Daddy was working late so he wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Elliott: "Dave and Mary [Imaginary Mary and her Faithful Husband] are working on Rachel's house."


Elliott: "Do you remember Rachel?

Me: "Umm, no?"

Elliott: "She's Dave's great aunt."

Mary and her ever-expanding social circle sure keep us busy.  Other people hope to keep up with the Jones; we can never hope to keep up with Mary.  If we have two bathrooms, Mary has five.  If we drive 3 hours, Mary drives 10 hours to get to her grandparents.  Four kids?  Chump change to Mary.  Her and Dave have 37+.

In non-Mary related news, today is the last day of school for Cheyenne.  I guess it's a tradition for a lot of moms in our neighborhood to take the kids to the beach on the lake on the last day of school.  Cheyenne has a lazy mommy that doesn't feel like taking four kids to the beach, but thankfully her friend Tess' mom is more ambitious.  So Cheyenne is getting sun-baked in celebration, and I am trying to decide what to have for our Daddy-less supper.  Maybe I should ask Mary for advice.


Bethaney said...

I think Mary should just make the supper. After all it would be a lot more delicious than whatever supper you could make would be.

Virginia said...

5 bathrooms isn't much for 37+ kids, Elliott might want to consider having Mary do a major reno.

Mrs Starling said...

Well Chloe has a husband and a granddaughter...and when I try to point out to her that I'm far too young to be a great grandmother, she just gives me a yeah-whatever-mom look.

Verity Earl said...

I'm pretty sure Mary is named after my sister. I mean, she's got 37+ kids, right? She's certainly more awesome than everyone else.