Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bronchitis is Yucky

Last week, Cheyenne and Elliott went to spend time at Grandpa and Grandma's.  I was filled with ambitious plans.  After four kids here all the time, two kids is a walk in the park, so I'd have lots of extra time to get things DONE!

Except I didn't.  I did quite a bit of laundry and cleaning on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, I was dragging.  I was trying to get lots of sleep and I was still tired all the time.  By Saturday afternoon, I had a low grade fever and was beginning to be concerned that I was wheezing on every breath, even though I've never had a speck of asthma.  After a lovely afternoon/evening hanging out in the urgent care waiting room, I learned I had bronchitis.  I never knew you could have bronchitis without a terrible cough, but lo and behold, you can.  So for the last 24 hours, I've been a lazy slug, laying in bed or in the recliner, listening to myself breath.

It was interesting to just have the two kids here.  I had no idea how much Marilla is entertained by the big kids.  Without them around, Marilla wanted to ask me five million questions a day.  It was kind of nice for her, getting a bit more of Mommy's attention.  Plus about 24 readings of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" per day.

Cheyenne and Elliott had a great time with Marilyn and Dana.  Cheyenne's western NY cousins were out visiting the Greenwich cousins, so Cheyenne liked hanging out with the big kids.  Both kids enjoyed swimming in Taylor and Maggie's pool, and of course, getting lots of Grandma attention.  They both made pillows, Cheyenne for her American Girl Doll and Elliott for his sock monkey.  Cheyenne also sewed a skirt for the doll, while Marilyn made the doll a shirt.  Elliott accompanied Marilyn down to Altamont to do a little cleaning before preps, and had a great time with the "treasure bag" Nancy had put together for him. 

I had been surprised at how well I was taking them being gone, but when Cheyenne walked in this afternoon, I burst into tears-- poor kid, walking into a blubbering Mommy!  :-)  Anyway, we got some nice snuggles in this evening, and now I need to go to bed.  Having four kids again is quite an adjustment, let alone when I'm not feeling up to snuff!  Hopefully, I'll feel ambitious enough in a few days to tackle putting some pictures up here.  I've got some cute ones lately!

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Virginia said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh! Feel better and no over doing it!