Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A July Day

We've had such a nicely busy couple of weeks, I haven't been on the internet much, but I cut Lincoln's hair tonight, and he looks so big and grown-up I had to post the pictures from today. I have pictures from our awesome farm week, I might get to them eventually!

Lincoln woke up with a 102° fever this morning.  Olivia is staying with us for a few days, so she cuddled him this morning while I got the other kids ready for the day.  I ended up taking Lincoln to the doctor (mainly because Olivia was here and it was such a treat to go to the doctor's without having to drag four kids!) and the doctor thinks he has a virus of some sort.  You would think I would know enough by Baby #4 not to take kids to the doctor for nebulous fevers, but he was so hot I was worried.  He finally broke the 20-pound mark when they weighed him this morning.

Elliott checking out the rain dripping from the gutters.

Marilla's outfit today was quite smashing with the addition of her Alaska socks.  She was thrilled to hear that Aunt Lindsey had bought those socks!

This is a picture Livie took after one of our thunderstorms this morning.  She put up more pictures of her time her on her blog.

It was such a beautiful evening, we decided to dine al fresco.  (Mostly because Olivia and I like adding the phrase "al fresco" to our cosmopolitan vocabulary.)  Evan found the umbrella for the kids' table, they were thrilled that it sort of matched our big umbrella.

Lincoln trying to climb on the table.  After a horrible afternoon of fussing and being discontent, he was pretty cheerful here!

It's fun to get out the chunky pottery plates and our pretty napkins.

Kids waiting for food.

We had Rice-A-Roni...


Sixty-Minute Rolls...

(with strawberry freezer jam)

And barbequed chicken!  There's lots of leftovers, for chicken nachos, and chicken taco salad, and chicken salad sandwiches-- I love leftover chicken!

My curly headed boy, before I butchered his first haircut.

They are cute little curls, it was a little bittersweet to see them fall!

My big girl, who is getting such long hair that I did it in one French braid today!

I had no idea what I was doing, but I comforted myself with the fact that we spent $16 on Elliott's first haircut and it was pretty choppy, so at least I wasn't paying someone to ruin my son's hair.

He was WAY less wiggly than normal, which worked out good for cutting hair!

He was starting to get irritated by the time Cheyenne combed his hair at the finish.

It truly is a fairly awful haircut, but it makes him look like a big boy!

After his (second) bath of the day-- between his joy in the sandbox and his ability to get into everything, Lincoln gets a lot of baths lately.

In between the bouts of fussiness, I enjoyed snuggling this little guy today!


Lisa said...

I love each new haircut, it does make them look so grown up!
Alaska socks ARE awesome..... the kids love those hand-me-downs the best. And such a simple thing, isn't it nice they're so easily pleased?

Bethaney said...

Lincoln looks so grown up!!!! And dining Al fresco--you guys are so suburban! ;-)

Virginia said...

Gilbert looks SO much like you!

Verity Earl said...

Haha, Nina, Gilbert is Bethaney's baby. That's Lincoln! And yes, he does look just like Clover :)

I like the haircut! It looks good!

Virginia said...

Oh poo, you know I meant Lincoln.