Sunday, July 3, 2011

North Country June, Part II

As Bethaney so helpfully pointed out in the comments on my last post, I lied when I said I would put these pictures up Friday night. We went to a graduation party, and Grandpa and Grandma White came out that night. Then Saturday we went up to the county fair. For some reason, my entirely healthy supper of nibbling at French fries, fried dough and maple cotton candy made me somewhat nauseated, and I went to bed early.

These pictures are ones that Olivia and Bethaney took on my camera. They probably took some of the pictures on my last post, too, but we won't worry about that. These first pictures are ones Olivia took on Sunday afternoon.

Bathing suits on the line.  The kids loved swimming, even though the pool couldn't exactly be called warm at this point.

I love clothesline pictures-- and these cute polka-dot swimsuits of Orianna and Lily.

A white clover!  This is going to be incorporated into a logo for me.  I'm not really sure why I need a logo, but I will have a fantastic one if the need arises.

It is so nice and green in June!

See, I should have named one of my daughters Daisy, and then she would have an awesome logo, too.

There's hay in the background there, drying.

And the corn is coming up.

The lane to the back fields.  I learned to drive on this road.

The cows are checking Olivia out.

The sugar shack, resting until the spring.

I love the photos Olivia takes, she puts some of them up at

Then, Bethaney had forgotten her camera, so she grabbed mine when they headed up to the pasture to watch Owen milk one of the beef cows.  She put these pictures up weeks ago, so these are old news.

We range from Sunday Best to Highly Casual in the dress code here.

Heading up the lane.

Pretty wildflower.  Or it might be alfalfa, it's been a while since I've looked at it up close and personal.  I'm sure Bethaney could give you the name of it, but I'm just enjoying the colors.

See?? Green grass, blue sky, interesting clouds-- I love June!

The evil twins-- who are not so evil anymore, and are getting quite grown up.

I wasn't there, but I have to imagine that it was interesting milking a beef cow with swollen teats.

The calf.

Getting some milk!

Elliott and Cheyenne, supervising heavily.

Bottle-feeding the calf.

Nothing beats entertainment like this!

Cheyenne is always happy to be out and about on the farm, clad in her overalls.


The Big Sisters.

A silly little sister!

Pretty girl!

And pretty girl!

Elliott looks so funny, walking through the meadow in his Sunday shirt.

The four-wheeler is always exciting.

Finishing up the bottle.

I love Owen here, steering with one hand while holding a massive barrel on the back with the other hand.

Finally over the mud of the spring-- kicking up some dust here!

Which makes for very cool pictures.

Justin, on Father's Day, with his squinchable children.

Gilbert is digging his perch.

The hens are making sure the milk lines don't feel left out, even though there's no dairy cows.  They make good places to roost.

Climbing the fence.

I don't know what they found, but it must have been fascinating.

Posing with Grandpa Lee's flat bed dump truck.

Now, we're off to the fireworks!  The town south of us does them on the 3rd, so as not to conflict with the big displays in the city of Syracuse.  We're going to load up the bug spray and strollers, and hope Lincoln falls asleep soon!


Saturday said...

looks like vetch.

Olivia Vaughan said...

yep. it's vetch.

Virginia said...

That pretty purple wildflower is the flower I was talking about in my blog the other day, where I spotted it growing on the side of the road during my run and it reminded me of walks in NNY! You solved the mystery!

Virginia said...

Also, I adore that swimsuit picture! Epitome of summer in the north country!

Lisa said...

What cute farm kids!