Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Evenings are Wonderful

I am sitting here, debating whether to take a bath or read a book (or both!) as soon as I finish this blog post.  I love Sundays.  Not that I didn't have to give the kids supper, and get them in jammies and all, but I don't have to feel I'm a slug for not doing a whole lot.  I did just tidy up the living room while Evan read the first chapter of The Hobbit out loud, but that hardly seemed like work.  I'm not sure the kids are old enough to get that book, but Evan and I are enjoying it!  We read it, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, out loud to each other when we first got married.  We apparently had a LOT more free time back then.

 It finally snowed enough for the kids to be able to play in it.  In this scene, I was lucky enough to capture the moment when Elliott swept an armful of snow right into Rilla's face.

 Here is Elliott, oblivious, while Rilla sobs her little eyes out.  Elliott has problems with his ears again, so he misses a lot of what goes on.  Thankfully, after I shook her scarf out and wiped her face off, Rilla went back to playing happily.  They really had fun this weekend, when the temperatures went crazy high again, and they could pack the snow into snowmen!  Now the snow is mostly gone, but I'm confident we'll get snow sometime this winter.

 Little Miss Two Braids, going off to school with her birthday backpack.  She's getting grown up enough, she chafes at the two braids, so I'll enjoy them while I can.  Thankfully for her, there's few mornings I have time to do much more than one basic braid.

 Happy boy!

 On the left is the new mug my mom bought me.  Books, books, and books!  Cheyenne thinks she needs to buy glasses so she can exactly match the red-headed bibliophile on the mug, and thus claim ownership.  On the right is the teapot Dana and Marilyn bought me when they went to England-- bone china!  I have kept it in my china hutch, using it occasionally, but I've decided to use it a lot more.  I'm casting about for somewhere to store it that is more accessible.  That could be a problem in my smallish, over-full kitchen.  In this picture, I was making Chai tea for when Cheyenne came home.  She likes tea with lots of milk and sugar.

 Rilla, showing me how the Froot-Loop blue matches the blue of her spoon.  I bought a box of Froot-Loops in an indulgent mood, and they disappeared like snow in a ditch.

 Rilla in a signature outfit-- polka dotted tights, black and yellow skirt, pink shirt, red sweater.

 You might have to click on this to read it, but it seemed tailor-made to me.  Cody was here the morning it was in the newspaper, and he drew it to my attention.

A rare moment of the three big kids playing together without angry words.  I am apparently the most clueless mother ever.  I was making supper in the kitchen (the floor of which is in the bottom of this picture), and Marilla managed to bring all three huge Little People houses up without me noticing.  I know I can zone out while reading or dinking around on the Internet, but apparently I can lose track of my kids while I'm slicing onions, too.

And, now for the bath.  And the book.  And the pleasant bed afterward.  Life is good!


Bethaney said...

That comic is so perfect for you. I can see why Cody would draw it to your attention. And obviously you should let the little people houses be there. If the three kids play together happily! And I love the teapot from Dana and Marilyn! And your kids.

Darren and Rebecca said...

I love the "reading aloud"!! When we were growing up my Dad read "The Mouse and Motorcycle" and "Indian in the Cupboard"...what wonderful memories!! He had different voices for everyone!!

Hope you all are doing well...hope to see ya around sometime!

Verity Earl said...

That IS a perfect comic for you!