Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Week with Auntie!

It is a freezing cold night here, but the kids are all tucked up warm in their beds, and I am a total wimp and have the electric blanket on, preheating our bed.  For some reason, I am over-warm all day long, but by the time I get in bed at night, I am a block of ice.  I'm not complaining about the cold, or the 2 feet of snow we have, though.  Winter has been entirely too weird, with all the warmth and lack of snow.

 Lincoln, snuggled into Daddy one night after Daddy got home from work.

 Giving Daddy a hug...

 Which is apparently a hilarious thing to do!

 The Whites were here for the week, so the kids got to play hide and seek several nights, and Grandma did "Going on a bear hunt" with the kids.  Except it turned into "Going to the store for ice cream", which probably fits into my kids' suburban experiences better.

 Rilla, in her favorite hand-me-down princess jammies.

 Curly hair, drying after a bath!

 My handsome little dude.  It's starting to be that he looks funny without his glasses!

 We wanted to take a picture of the kids with Auntie when they were all in their jammies the other night.  Cheyenne didn't want to have her picture taken.  I don't know if you could ascertain that from this picture.

 After about 30 pictures, this is her, thinking it's funny.  Which it isn't.  Refusing to smile politely at the camera is a trait I hate-- both in kids AND adults.

 Rilla, of course, wanted to pose for more pictures.  It might be time to tone down the compliments.  The other day she told me, "I have beautiful sparkly eyes..."  True, but it's not something you usually compliment yourself on!

 Marilla with Auntie.

 After a decent night's sleep, Cheyenne wanted to have her picture taken with Auntie.  Here's an actual smile.

Then, Cheyenne wanted a picture taken with all the kids with Auntie.  Which was all very cute.

And now Auntie is en route to Michigan, up to where they have lots of snow and cold.  Hmm, sounds familiar.  The kids had a great week with her, playing lots of Uno, and even going ice-skating with her one afternoon.  On Friday, they had a snow day, so they could spend the whole day with her! 


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics of the kids and sure would love to be with you all for a day!

Bethaney said...

Sounds like a good send off week for Auntie! And hahaha to Rilla complimenting herself. :-)

Connie said...

Well, at least Rilla won't have to worry about low self-esteem in her later years. Way to be confident, little lady! If we all could just admire our pretty, sparkly, eyes then perhaps the pre-teen years wouldn't be so bad ;) Love the pics!