Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabulous Red (Take THAT, Pottery Barn!)

Here is the finished (well, almost) kids' kitchen in all it's glory. Trust me, Pottery Barn only WISHES their kitchen was as well-built or interesting.

This "little" project has dominated our lives for the last week. Here, the kids got to play in the family room after Daddy moved some furniture and put down dropclothes for painting.

We saw a lot more of the entryway and stairwell than we normally do. Daddy had the child gate locked so little fingers didn't get into wet paint, so the kids sat on the stairs or stood by the gate a lot. Here, Rilla is making raspberry noises for the car she is holding, and clutching one of her favorite things in the world-- a little sock. She's not too choosy whether they're clean or dirty, Marilla's or Elliott's. I try not to let this gross me out.

Kind of cute, eh?

Here, Daddy starts the first coat.

Look at that, it IS Fabulous Red! (Name of the paint color.)

Almost done!

Unveiling today with the rather proud model. It isn't totally finished, but it was getting increasingly harder to tell the kids they couldn't play with it.

NOT a model face. He has the cutest little nose scrunch when he's saying "no" to a question. Of course, now that we all laugh at it, he really milks it. Most pictures of him doing The Face come out looking really deranged, but it is cute in real life.

Here is the fridge, with a freezer drawer compartment "just like Grandma's!" Evan is planning on building shelves on the door and a few internal shelves.

The stove, with adjustable oven racks, just in case you need to broil something. Evan is still searching for something that would look like realistic knobs, and he's planning on making burners.

The pot drawer under the stove.

The sink unit, with a drawer on one side. The other side has the sink and a false front on the cabinet. I'm getting a little jealous that the cabinets are more sturdy than the actual cabinets in my kitchen and they have an undermount sink and I don't!

The cabinets under the sink. The sink faucet is still in the developmental stages as well.

Finally playing with the beautiful kitchen!

Grandma and Grandpa are here! They are enroute from Florida back home, and the kids were sure excited to see them. Marilla didn't seem to remember them, but she's having lots of fun with them now.
Elliott catches up on his e-mail.

Oh, if anyone is interested, Evan will gladly sell you a kitchen. Figuring labor, the cost should only be around... umm, $1000? I think we will have to tap into a pricier demographic than the people we normally associate with!

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Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

The kitchen is wonderful! The kids will have plenty of fun times ahead with it. Unfortunately, we cannot swing $1000 for one right now, but perhaps Kinsley's grandpa could build her one in the future! Maybe you could sell the plans?