Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Game Night

Last night was family game night. I'm usually not organized enough (or an interesting enough mother) to specifically plan a game night, but this was in lieu of Cheyenne going to the fire station tonight to watch a movie. Since the biggest excitement about the firehouse event seemed to be the popcorn and juice, I told her we could have A Family Game Night with popcorn and juice, too!

We have pretty slim pickings for kids' games. Thankfully, Cheyenne had got Sequence Junior for a birthday present two years ago. (Thanks, Smiths!) Even though Elliott didn't have a clue why we were putting tokens on the animals, he at least could enjoy picking a card, finding the animal, and putting his token on the board.

Here's me, full of joie de vivre.

In pajamas. The plan had been for Elliott to go to bed, and Cheyenne (who had taken a nap that afternoon in preperation for the festivities) to play games with us, but Elliott got into the spirit, so we didn't have the heart to send him off to bed.

In a rather pathetic attempt to up the number of "games" we had to play, Evan and Cheyenne played Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cheyenne always waits to see what the other person does before she throws her choice. She's remarkably sucessful.

The glee of being able to cut Daddy's paper. (And the orange mustache that results when Game Night gets moved from Saturday to Friday and Mommy realizes she doesn't have any juice in the house so she calls Daddy and has him buy an orange soda at the convenience store.)

We also had Memory, which Elliott was suprisingly good at. Evan helped a bit, but most of the stack in front of Elliott is because he'd remember where the cards were.

Here is Elliott's attempt to give himself "thumbs up" for winning Memory.

For our final game, we played Uno, where Evan and I cheated. A lot. I hate people cheating at games, but at this point, Cheyenne doesn't even now that it's not acceptable practice to look at everyone's hands. Of course, we weren't trying to cheat to win-- we were cheating so that Cheyenne would win, preferably before 7 hours had elapsed.

Much as I had planned the night for Cheyenne's sake, it was fun. We even bought Chutes and Ladders at Wal-Mart today for our next Game Night!


Cecil and Amy said...

You need to teach her progressive rummy next!

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

What a fun night; it should become a tradition and I love how happy Cheyenne looks to see that Elliott won.