Monday, February 23, 2009

Pictures of Beautiful Girls (And One Handsome Gent)

We have been camera happy around here this weekend. We've been other kinds of happy, too, but the camera-happy is the easiest thing to demonstrate on this blog.

Cheyenne called me today, "Look, Mom, Rilla and I are so cute-- get your camera!" (I'm SURE she won't be vain.) Anyway, Rilla was very businesslike in her Carrhart overalls and industrial-strength teether, so it was soon a solo photo-op.

My favorite.

It's getting harder to get her to pose naturally-- she's getting into the fake smile phase. We were good and silly today, though, so they mostly worked.

This was one of the beautiful girls here this weekend.

Getting a kiss from a handsome little guy.

That little guy got around. Here he is with his buddy, Olivia.


With Rilla this happy in Tori's arms, I figured I'd do a group shot of all my five kids. (Sure, my mom may have given birth to two of them, but they're mine, too!)

Of course, Rilla was having none of it.

Sort of okay shot, with Rilla standing.

Girl With Computer.

Girl With Ridiculously Large Dimple.

Tori is in the not-smiling phase. Good thing she's so pretty.

This smile is almost genuine.

Tori's good at goofy faces, though!

Three good friends!

Tori kissing my baby.

Life is good when Cheyenne can be with Tori.

Rilla in a happy moment. (A quickly squelched happy moment, but it was fun while it lasted.)

Rilla in a not happy moment. "I don't care if I'm clutching a sock, I'm NOT going to be happy!"

Evan and Elliott are up at the Vaughans' right now. They went up yesterday afternoon-- Evan had an estimate to do for a possible bathroom re-model up that way. Elliott had a great time playing with Orianna and Lillian and getting to see Grandpa. Us girls couldn't go up since Cheyenne had school today. I was feeling very sorry for myself, stuck here without a husband, but it's gone fine. We were invited over to Smiths' last night for supper, so Cheyenne got to laugh at Andrew's "funny jokes." (I don't know what it is about 11-year olds-- Tori and Andrew are The Mostest in Cheyenne's eyes right now.)

Last night, since Evan was gone, Miss Procrastinator Extraordinaire decided to finally push a tooth through her little gums! A week shy of her first birthday, so she won't be a one-year old freak without a tooth. I had no idea why she kept waking up last night, but I felt something funny when I was spooning in her Ham and Pineapple Dinner at lunch today. Glad to finally see that little white tooth. I think Cheyenne was looking for the full blown tooth-- she was pretty disappointed in what she saw!

It has snowed about three feet here in the last four days, and I'm not even doing my normal exaggeration! Our neighbor came over and ran his snowblower in our driveway this evening-- I was wondering how I would get out of the driveway to take Cheyenne to school tomorrow. Today, I just gunned it over the ridge left by the snowplow. That will only work for so long, though!

I better get to bed before Rilla wakes up working on Tooth #2! I have a little red-haired girl waiting in my bed-- it's lonely in her room without Elliott! We're looking forward to our boys coming home tomorrow.

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