Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for You, Tyler Scott

When we were growing up, my mom made excellent banana bread. It was always very moist, so much so that the middle of the top had a teeny spot were it was sort of doughy-- not enough to be gross, just doughy enough that you saved that little part for last. We all loved banana bread, and it's the only thing I would actually put butter on besides toast. (I now put butter on lots of things... Haven't decided if that's progress or not.) Anyway, somewhere in those years, Mom lost/miscopied her recipe. She doesn't bake as much now, so it doesn't concern her, but I have been trying to make that kind of banana bread for YEARS! There are lots of recipes out there that bake up consistently every time, but they tend to be drier and boring. I really wanted the moist loaf! My brother, Tyler, has been through MANY of my banana bread experiments. The usual result is that I have a charred brick with some soupy dough in the middle. He never fails to remind me of these failures if he feels I am getting a little too above myself. Today, though, thanks to Recipe #25885 on Recipezaar, I made a perfect loaf of banana bread.

Here it is, modeled by my daughter on one of our lovely plastic Ikea plates we have used nonstop for the last 2 years.

See the appreciative smile on the little Banana Bread Eater's face?

Oh, here it is again, Tyler, in all it's moist, yet baked, perfection. And you're in Alaska and can't have any. So I ate a piece for you, with lots of butter, and saved the top of the middle for last.


tyler vaughan said...

Not sure that I can accept just pictures.... vaccum pack that stuff and get it on the way ..


Becky Gonce said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Wish I could get to know you in person. If you are anything like Lindsey, I know we'd get along. I don't know Tyler...but knew Lisa before she got married. You have the neatest family! I've heard so much about them all. Maybe you can get to know us a bit thru our

Ginger Smith said...

I have a really good banana bread recipe too Clover if you ever lose the one you found. It sounds alot like the one your mom used to make. I do not like dry banana bread or any kind of dry fruit bread either.