Friday, July 31, 2009

Moira's Heritage Day Parade

This year was Moira's 10th Heritage Day Parade-- and the first time I actually attended! Cheyenne was there when I was on bed rest with Elliott, but I finally got to hit the big day in my hometown!

Evan, Elliott and Philip heading up Main Street. We got there at the last possible minute and there was still parking close by, and lots of room for spectators. Bonus of a small-town parade!

Livie grabbed my camera to capture the scene. Funny that, I'm in the stall selling books!

Rilla had the best seat.


My mentally deranged brother's footwear for the day. I hope he's had his tetanus shot recently.

Cheyenne was just a tad excited about this all. She got to go to Ashley's house that morning, and ride to the parade with Ashley. Aunt Ashley was the cool one that day!

Head of the parade.

Rilla's switched seats-- Aunt Lindsey doesn't have scratchy hair on her neck.

Old car.

Not-quite-as-old car. If you're hungering for more pictures of such, I believe I took a picture of every single float and/or car. I'll send you a CD for a nominal fee.

Moira fire truck. This is their day to shine!

Rilla observing, while keeping the milk supply close at hand.


A real band!

These were the champion softball girls of 1990 or 1991-- not sure which. Anyway, they were older than me and WAY cool. The girl smiling REAL big is the daughter of my former English teacher. I got to stand beside the former English teacher the whole parade, which was great-- she's a walking encyclopedia of all things Moirian.

I liked this old car.

Here is the guy that made Tyler tough it out through high school. He taught shop, and photography, and some classes he designed just for Tyler. Whatever grades he received in other classes, Tyler got 100s in Mr. McKane's classes. And it wasn't because Mr. McKane was an easy grader-- Tyler just WANTED to do well in his classes. And, in another small town side note, Cody and Justin now work for his brother.

Mr. McKane's daughter, Sara.

Marissa (I think?) But I know she's married to the guy below...

Who is the little brother of one of Tyler's best friends in high school, and, incidentally, Owen and Ashley are renting his house while he goes to school out of town.

What kind of 5 to 6 year old kid gets to ride a four-wheeler in an actual parade? A lucky kid.

Yet another old one.

Cody, using Lindsey for his arm rest. I really wish Cody hadn't primped so long before coming.

And, Cheyenne, spoiled rotten by her wonderful Aunt Ashley. She is wearing the crown of (artificial) flowers Ashley bought for her.

After the parade, we ate Happy Meals! There was booth selling hot dogs for $1.50. But, if you ordered a "Happy Meal" from them, you got a kid-decorated paper bag with a juice pouch, cremesaver yogurt, bag of chips, and a cookie. Plus a hot dog. So we all spread ourselves on the happy meal idea! We took them back to Bethaney and Justin's house, since their house was just a short walk down the road!

Stay tuned for more Saturday Excitement! And, as always, check out my recipe blog, where there's lots more... recipes.

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