Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ice Cream and Swimming

We've been doing more than eating ice cream and swimming lately, but I've been only getting my camera out lately when we've been doing those lovely summer activities!

Like today, when this little monkey was enjoying licks off Mommy's Orange and Vanilla twist.

Elliott and Cheyenne were getting into their Chocolate and Vanilla Twists.

She's getting so adept at this-- no drips today!

Tori delicately licking her Orange and Vanilla twist.

While we had been waiting in line, I had told the kids they could ride the horses. I had even ponied up (get it?) quarters for them so the horses actually moved!

Cheyenne got on and said, "I feel like I'm too big for this." I'm not sure if she meant physically or emotionally, but it made me realize what a long-legged girl I have!

Hmm, doesn't want to work. At that point, I was waiting in a loooong, hot line and holding a wiggly toddler, and I REALLY didn't know why the horses weren't working, and I was deeply regretting my decision to bring the kids to the Ice Cream Place. Cheyenne had only been asking to go here for three years (literally), why did I cave in today? Thankfully, when I got to the front of the line, the guy apologized and said he hadn't had time to put to "Out of Order" sign out on the horses yet.

So, with our refunded quarters, we had rides on the carousel horses.

Since it was moving, Rilla, felt obligated to make motor noises.

Elliott liked it!

Tori and her neice. All in all, I think the kids enjoyed our $7 outing. If you're a mean mommy most of the time and don't take them places or spend money, they react like they're going to Disneyland on a chartered jet when you tell them "We're going to get ice cream!"

Now for the swimming portion...

We went out to Dana and Marilyn's Thursday, and the kids enjoyed swimming in their cousins' pool. These pictures are from Saturday night, when we cooled off from workday.

Evan and Elliott enjoying swimming together.

This was the scene most of the time, though-- Elliott swimming by himself. Of course, he has three inflatable objects keeping him up, but he was pretty proud of himself! He actually was quite impressive, kicking his legs to get him in the right direction, and taking water in the mouth in stride.

Marilla hanging out with Auntie.

The Red Head with Aunt Tori.

Elliott kicking towards Grandma.

The little ham, pajama-ed, but still wanting to jump in. She was putting on the most hilarious show, with dance moves and facial expressions.

(Did anyone ever notice how she looks like singing sensation Susan Boyle?)

Other new things in our lives as of late...

A whole chunk of the house, FINISHED! Well, probably there's some soffit, or J-channel or F-channel or some such thing I've never heard of that still needs to be finished, but it sure looks good.

New summer sandals on EDIBLE feet!

Daddy finally got the wagon out for the tricycle.

Elliott had first turn being proud chaffeur.

Then Cheyenne took a turn.


Rilla enjoying company. Cody, Owen, Ashley and Philip were here last week for a few hours.

Rilla feeding herself cereal for the first time. Well, the first sanctioned time. I've got up from the breakfast table before for a brief minute, and come back to find cereal everywhere.

Okay, Cheyenne's weird.

Remember back in January, when I packed the new Little People away and brought the old style out, and the kids were ecstatic and engrossed for hours on end? Well, I did it in reverse last week.

Yup, I had to fight with Elliott to get him to eat that day, he was so excited about having a "new" toy.

This is a little photographer's request-- "Take a picture of my eye, Mommy!" So I did. And I love it. And him. And summer.

Oh, and since I haven't been busy at all, I've started a new blog-- Clover's Recipe Box, at I started it because I'm sick of being somewhere, and not having my favorite recipes with me. Now, they'll always be available on the internet. I only put up recipes I've actually cooked. Feel free to click over for your chance at indigestion!

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Becky Gonce said...

Aww, surely you aren't a mean are teaching them self restraint, which I don't do very well. Love the house! and the eye picture! =-) Would love to see Marilla in person, looks like her personallity is blossoming! =-)