Monday, July 13, 2009

Enjoying Being Home!

Nothing much is happening around here, which is rather nice! We're gearing up for work days and, in the not too distant future, conventions, so I'm just enjoying being home and not having too much of a schedule.

Things are still happening on the house. Here's the one wall Evan has partially sided, and the front of the house, where he's wrapping on of our newly installed windows. I LOVE our new windows!

(Take note of the little girl with boots in hand-- you'll be seeing more of her.)

This blue siding is going to be much nicer than our tannish-pink!

My talented and handsome husband. This scaffolding is rather handy-- this evening, while he was wrapping windows and I was tucking kids in, we could chat face to face! The kids got goodnight kisses through the open window, which they thought was hilarious!

This is a terrible picture, taken at night, but this is the new, slightly bigger window in our family room. It's much more open and bright now, which the family room (a.k.a. The Cave) desperately needs.

Okay, that Boots girl... Lily passed these down, last time we were up North. They are Rilla's constant companions.

This is a pose I see about ninety-three times a day-- a wordless plea for, "Please, Mommy, put my boots on again?"

Ah, they're on again. All is right with the world. Today, she's alternated wearing them with chewing with the loop handle on the top. Mayhap she's teething again?

Speaking of our last trip up North, it was lots of fun. I never got my camera out the whole week. Livie finally got my camera out on Sunday for pictures of the kids playing. It was union Sunday at Mom and Dad's, so Katherine and Nathan were there, and Katy Jo was up visiting, too!

Cheyenne found a worm.

Katy Jo and Nathan are checking out the wheelbarrow.

Girls in dirt.

Cheyenne, unaware that she is on her way to an epic sunburn-- the shoulders of that dress slipped down and she got badly burned on the top of her shoulders. Why do her parents not think?

Katy Jo.

Investigating the dirt...

and its inhabitants.

Katy Jo and Cheyenne are just a few months apart, it was fun for Cheyenne to have another big girl to play with.

The Barkley squirts, cute as usual.

Nathan. Unfortunately, Livie didn't get a picture of his room-lighting grin.

We've had rain almost every day for the last month. Literally. I thought maybe I was just exaggerating in my head, but the newspaper confirmed that it was the truth. Here's kids playing meeting on a newly washed deck. When it rains that much, you stop worrying that they'll get wet and just appreciate that they can be outside for a while.

Cheyenne singing loud and strong. She's sitting on the tallest stool, which makes her look that much taller than Elliott.

Rilla dropped her hymnbook...

Just a little proud of herself when she got back up.

I took Mom's "tractor" camera when I was up home. (Tyler White called it that because it was big and tough. Even when Tyler was deleting 200 irreplaceable pictures off it.) It was quite the camera in it's day, but since it primarily works with a 3.5 inch floppy, it's pretty antiquated now.

Which doesn't stop Cheyenne having a great time with it.

She even gets to mentor Elliott in learning how to use it.

The funny thing is, they're this engrossed in it, and it actually doesn't even turn on anymore!

Anyway, I'm loving my kids and our summer! And the high today was 74 °-- what wonderful weather for July!

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Becky Gonce said...

I love the blue siding...I have bene painting trim... trying to decide on a color to go with our light blue. I picked a dark red...cherry chocolate...hope i like it! Love all the pictures... and for sunburns...i feel horrible when the kids get one. I dont' need sunscreen, why should they?!?