Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super-Belated Graduation Pictures

The kids went out to Western NY a couple of weekends ago for Derek's graduation. I took lots of pictures, and assured Charlene (Derek's mom), "Oh, yeah, I'll just put them up on my blog so everyone can see them!" Ha, ha, ha. We were only home for less than 24 hours before we were heading up north to my parents' place. I took my camera, and planned on posting them at Bet's house (she has cable internet), but my memory card and her computer wouldn't be friends. SOOO... these are old, but I still want to get them up!

Derek in the processional.

Waiting for all the students to file in.

There was a lot of kids graduating-- somewhere around 170 there? Derek was in the front row because he's super smart and had one of the highest averages in the class. Which is a pretty impressive considering how many other kids he was competing with.

Going up to receive his diploma...

From his Grandma Linda! (She's on the school board.)

Official handshakes all 'round.

The moving of the tassels.

Derek with Mammy-- he is the first of her great-grandkids to graduate high school.

Four generations!

Brooke and Derek exhibiting Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love.

The Rule Family.

Derek with his Aunt Laurie.

Derek with his understandably proud grandmother.

Derek and his girlfriend, Maranda.

Mammy with Charlene and Laurie.

Derek and his great-grandparents on his dad's side.

With Grandma Sally and Grandpa Leon...

And Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dave.

There was a shindig after the graduation with lots of food (wow, the food!),


And relaxing!

Cheyenne was good at relaxing. She had been begging for soda all week, so she was making the most of my promise that she could have a soda at Derek's party.

Despite not having my husband there, I had lots of help! Jessica and Elliott got along swimmingly...

And here's Taylor helping with Marilla! All five of the girls (my kids' second cousins) who were there that weekend were awesome with the kids.

The hostess with the mostest!

Watching a game of Frisbee, I believe...

There were water balloons there. This picture is of Elliott, the first time a balloon exploded on him. He's not quite sure about this.

Not too many minutes later, here is the expression of unholy glee at throwing yet another water balloon and letting it pop. He REALLY got into this!

Matt had a go with my camera, too. Here's one of my favorite pictures he took (of Leigh Ann).

And one of me with my kidlet!

At that's the extent of the graduation pictures!

We had a great week up at Mom and Dad's. Evan was away for the week, working nights, so we weren't able to stay with him. Without a husband, I went running to where there was lots of aunties and excitement! He joined us Saturday morning for a 4th of July picnic (just us Vaughans) and union Sunday. After 10 days without him, the kids and I were RATHER glad to see him again!

Now we're home, and still trying to unpack and get our lives back in order. Evan worked on the house today, and one wall of the house is partially sided! Once I get a day without incessant rain showers, I will have to get a picture of the siding, and the new windows. They're replacement windows, so they don't change the look of the place much, but are they exciting to use! Between the new insulation and having windows that are easy to open, our house is able to stay so much cooler!

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