Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Bathroom, More Winter, More Cute Kids!

I don't know why Evan hasn't been able to finish this bathroom as fast as he finishes bathrooms for his customers.

Rilla, chilling on Evan's back, while Cheyenne and Elliott helpfully point out tile joints that need cleaning before Evan grouts the floor.

The tiles on the right are grouted, the tiles on the left are not. I haven't ever really watched a tile job before, and I didn't want to tell Evan, but the floor just looked kind of dirty. Then he grouted it, and I realized it was the gray mortar in between the tiles that was making it look like that, and it's completely hidden by the grout.

Some grouted, some not. The color of the blue tiles isn't showing up well here, but I really like it! Evan is using urethane grout, which is a new kind. Supposedly it doesn't stain, which should be a bonus in this house!

The male Vanna White, demonstrating the installed toilet-- and its handy built-in kid seat.

The shower, half grouted. You can't see it in any of the pictures, but there's another thin band of blue almost at the ceiling. (It is impossible to step back far enough from the shower to get a picture of the whole thing altogether.)

The two niches. Pretty fancy, eh?

Close-up of the border that runs through the middle. Evan did an awesome job!

Lincoln, smiling at Mommy from the family room.

A little closer. (Surrounded by empty carpet, which makes this picture doubly exciting to me!)

Elliott still loves playing with his cars.

Especially on lazy mornings, when he is still in his jammies!

Miss Marilla, putting hair elastics back in their container. She loves sorting them by color while I do her hair. (When she isn't screaming blue murder over every stroke of the brush.)

Cheesy grin girl!

Cheyenne taking her dog and two lambs on a walk with yarn leashes.

Can you tell that Marilla chose her clothes this day?

She loves her "ball" skirt from Aunt Bet. It drives Cheyenne nuts that she says "ball" skirt instead of "polka-dot" skirt.

I don't think I've put up pictures of the quilt my mother-in-law made for Cheyenne's bed. The blue and red go great with the room. They don't match as well with the green bed we got as a hand-me-down, but maybe Evan will make a different bed sometime.

I love the bargello pattern that she used for this quilt.

Elliott's little bed. This quilt, also a Marilyn creation, is made from stitching bandanas together. What a perfect quilt for a little boy's bed!

We are still getting lots and lots of snow!

I'm amazed how long those skinny little kids manage to stay outside, although I am grateful that they do-- it burns some excess energy up!

Hmm, Crayola crayons are non-toxic and washable, right? This is a position Lincoln is in, often-- crawling back and forth THROUGH his exer-saucer. I'm not sure what the fascination is, but I remember Cheyenne at this age doing the same thing with a little table at Mom and Dad's. He often gets stuck trying to climb out the bowl-shaped bottom, but he heads right back for it when you set him down again!

I love how the crayon lines he made on his face while trying to eat the crayon make him look like he has cat whiskers!

This is a page from Cheyenne's notebook. Swoon.

The two girls eating cookie dough tonight. Cheyenne's teacher helped them make cookies-in-a-jar for Christmas, so we were mixing them up tonight. Actually, Cheyenne did the whole thing, from breaking the egg to measuring the vanilla. She'll be able to cook dinner in no time! Also, notice how she is twisting her legs around like a pretzel-- I used to watch the Earl girls do that in meeting, and marvel at how their legs were able to do that-- and now I have my own pretzel-legged girl!

I'll leave you with a literary effort by Cheyenne:

"In a house made of logs a woman has a lot of books. She is a librarian. Her name is Kate. Kate has a boyfriend. His name is Nathan. They are nice. The End."

She'll be writing my blog before I know it.


Verity Earl said...

I was actually sitting here with my legs crossed the same way reading your blog! :)

I'm totally impressed with Cheyenne's writing ability. If she ever wants some poetry lessons, send her my way!

The McCoys said...

Awesome looking tile job! Beautiful quilt..always love your blog updates :) Hard to believe our little ones are growing up so fast! (But Jane can't crawl yet...which I am totally ok with since we haven't "re-babyproofed" yet :) Take care! Stay warm in snow country!

Lisa said...

Love all the blue in the shower! I'm sure it's very exciting to have 2 bathrooms again, enjoy!
Levi was very impressed that after our visit he can now quickly & easily identify all the kids in your photos. =)