Monday, January 24, 2011

To be Continued...

I just edited and saved a bunch of pictures from the Vaughan/Cotten/White trip to the children's museum in Rochester, but since I'm fighting a sore throat and ear infection, I am going to go to bed instead of putting them up. Just know, that nestled on my hard drive in their own little folder, are some stinkin' cute pictures of seven children and various aunts and an uncle/daddy.

It is bitterly cold here, I'm thankful for my electric blanket in our un-insulated room. And I'm also thankful that Lincoln is sleeping peacefully in Evan's arms, so I might have a bit of sleep. Last night, he nursed all. night. long, but it popped Tooth #3 through!

My poor house still hasn't recovered from the fact that Lindsey, Bethaney and I played a ridiculously long round of Garbage on Friday and let the kids run amok. But, hey, it isn't every day that my sisters are snowed in with me (Lindsey's flight was canceled and Bethaney didn't want to drive through the snow belt and its usual blizzard conditions)-- and the kids did have fun strewing Polly Pockets and dolls in a blaze of glory that day.

Here's one picture, so this isn't a totally boring post.

The kids still love Berenstain Bear Land best. I love how Lily is helping poor left-out Papa Bear feel better.

As Evan just said, "Tomorrow is going to be a very productive day." Let's hope.

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