Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Plethora of Pictures

Don't get too excited when you see that blog title-- I have a plethora of pictures residing on my hard drive and camera memory card, not actually uploaded to my blog. I have been feeling overwhelmed with trying to sort through the number of pictures I have from our bathroom re-model, Cheyenne's birthday, Christmas vacation, etc. Tonight, I told myself I could manage just putting up ten pictures. I started with the family photo session we had when all the Vaughans were together, and managed to get up 30+. Better than none, and maybe I'll be able to get up a few a day for a while!

This is the first time we've all been together since Owen and Ashley's wedding 2.5 years ago. It was awesome being together, and I'm amazed at how well the cousins got along!

The whole shooting match. Although no one actually shot anyone else, despite an unsuccessful coyote hunt. This is one of the first pictures we took, so the kids weren't in 100% compliance, but the adults were still smiling sincerely.

We took about 400 pictures this evening, so combing through and finding the "best" one could take weeks. I've decided to hang perfection and just put some of these up.

The Oregon Vaughans. (It's still weird to think they're not the Alaskan Vaughans anymore!) Andy is quite excited in this picture because he's getting to hold a tractor, his favorite thing in the world (next to Mommy and Daddy, of course.)

The White Family.

I like the time lapse photography here. Evan tells Marilla to smile...

Marilla goes into her classic "The World is Conspiring Against Me!" pose...

And Evan laughs at the futility of trying to get an overtired two-year old to smile on cue.

Pretty decent!

Cottens! Little Gilbert is clapping in every picture. He likes to clap.

Mom and Dad with the grandkids. Not all of them (i.e. Andy and Marilla) are necessarily pleased at being in the picture.

Someone's finger in the left is trying to straighten the picture up via the Power of Point.

Cheyenne and Breanna had an awesome time together. They called themselves The Twins (until we realized poor little Orianna was feeling rather left out and put the kibbosh on that.)

Mom and Dad with their eight WONDERFUL children.

The Mater and Pater. I like them.

Girl Cousins.

Boy cousins. (Before Elliott lost his grip on Lincoln and Lincoln took a nosedive.)

Lining up by height. Miss Cheyenne BARELY retained her title as the biggest cousin, and Elliott will be psychologically scarred for life over the fact that two of his younger cousins are taller than him.

Rilla is still convinced the Universe hates her.

Aunt Lindsey trying to convince her otherwise.

The "L"s-- Lisa, Levi, Lincoln, Lindsey, Lily, Livie and Lee!

The "B"s were jealous-- so here's Breanna and Bet.

The "C"s were just plain crazy.

Out of the spotlight, and holding her favorite person in the world, Wincoln, Marilla was happy.

An oh-so-tender (well, maybe on my part!) moment. Posing in front of the same wall where we took all our wedding photos.

Tyler and Lisa.

Justin and Bet. I like how they stood right in front of the picture so it looks like a fancy backdrop! Actually, I made them scrunch down to get it to work, so it was a little exercise to see how strong their thighs were! It was fun to make them hold the pose and watch their muscles tremble!

Owen and Ashley.

Tyler holding Andy and Gilbert, who are only 6 days apart.

Wearing the silly hat Uncle Cody wears.

Then, the sofa got moved back, and the normal ten-kids-in-a-small-house chaos returned.

Some more posing.

I'm not quite sure which ones were obeying the "Look goofy" command and which ones were just doing what came naturally!

There, pictures up! If anyone reading this wants to print a quick picture from here, just click on the picture and it will take you to a larger picture that should be a decent enough size to print a 4x6. I can e-mail hi-res pictures to anyone who wants them. I think Mom and Dad might send out some pictures, too.

*Disclaimer* Any Vaughan person who feels they were wronged by the posting of a picture that wasn't the best possible option for themselves or their immediate family-- get your own dang blog and put up any pictures you want! :-)


Hopie said...

Wow! What a group! Am I related to all these people?

Laura said...

Once again, I am utterly entranced ("udderly entrance-d" would mean a cow arriving in the barn, prolly)by my cousin-in-law's wordiness and the charming addition the verbosity makes to the photos themselves. Can't wait for the rest. I've been lurking on the blog for d-a-y-s now, waiting for the potty pics.

Cecil and Amy said...

I have been waiting patiently for these pictures ever since I heard you all were up in good ol' NNY! I LOVE the pictures! They are great!

Rebekah said...

Oh my Clover, these are all wonderful and have made me smile and cry all at once!!! So nice you could all be together! TFS!