Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyday Things

Yeah, this has been an empty post for a few days, but I'm finally getting to it! I started the post Thursday night, and it accidentally published right after I typed in the title. Then, I didn't delete it because I was going to put some pictures up quickly and be done. But Lincoln had other plans for the evening. And then I got rather busy for the last couple of days! We had been planning on coming to Dana and Marilyn's Saturday morning, but about 8:00 Friday evening I took a look at the weather forecast for Saturday morning, and realized that if we didn't leave that evening, we would be snowed in for a bit! Evan and I ran around like headless chickens for a few hours and we got on the road about 9:45. Didn't get here until 1:15, but at least the kids slept in this morning.


We have had a lovely day, though, of library visits, grocery shopping, sledding, abidalies, pot roast, and listening to Grandpa Dana hack his lungs out. He's recovering from a nasty case of pneumonia, so we came to add to the quiet atmosphere necessary for recovery.


Marilla and I in our matching aprons from Aunt Hopie. Marilla gets irritated when I say they're matching, since they are different colors. They are both Japanese prints, though, so we complement each other nicely. We have to cook a lot together, since we look so cute together.

Poor little Lincoln had pink-eye this week. He looked extremely pathetic, but he still smiled.

Lincoln is extremely impressed with standing.

He is very proud of pulling himself up.

VERY proud.

Lincoln still likes falling asleep in Daddy's arms. I think Daddy likes it, too.

Cheyenne is still very much The Big Sister.

She is also entranced with being a waitress. She has waited on us at supper every night, and made up menus. I don't know how long the spirit of service will last, but we're enjoying it!

Rilla and Elliott, enjoying their new book from Grandma Jill: In the Town, All Year 'Round. Rilla literally spends at least an hour a day reading this book. It's a mostly wordless book that follows a cast of characters through their day in the town, all through the four seasons. If anyone needs to buy a present for a three year-old anytime soon, this is a winner!

Judging by her mustache, Rilla also enjoyed the Double Stuff Oreos Evan bought for Valentine's Day.
Here is the latest status report on the bathroom, in the words of Cheyenne. "A nice bathroom that my dad built. We will never forget it and we will never forget how we made it."

Rilla, crouching on the vanity.

She likes getting things out of the medicine cabinet.

My incredibly talented husband built this cherry vanity. I am wildly impressed.

I took these pictures the other day, and since then, Evan has completely finished all the trim, hung up all the towel rods, put knobs on the vanity drawers and doors, put grab bars in the bath, and generally FINISHED the bathroom! So exciting. After we get home from our visit out here, I can't wait to organize everything in the drawers. We have such a glamorous bathroom, my marrying a computer programmer turned carpenter has proven to be a good choice! (There's a few other reasons besides his mad carpenter skillz, but the carpenter skillz are uppermost right now.)

Time to braid Cheyenne's hair after her bath, and get these squirts in their beds! Bathtime and bed are always more exciting at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

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