Sunday, February 6, 2011

Museum Pictures

Okay, even I am a little embarrassed by how many pictures there are on this post. Part of the fault is Bethaney's, for taking so many pictures (I forgot my camera) and part of the fault is mine, for thinking they all had to be put up here. Trust me, though, there are lots I left out. So feel free to skim through here... Except when there's pictures of my kids or nieces or nephew. They're really cute, and worth looking at.

In front of the big aquarium near the entrance.

This is one funny looking fish-- a unicorn fish, I believe.

Gilbert, sliding out of the clubhouse in Berenstain Bear land.

Aunt Lindsey positioning Gilbert on the slide, while Elliott runs around crazily-- very unusual.

The Berenstain Bear school! And if you didn't crave to go to that school, with its blocks and modeling clay, you had a different childhood than mine.

Rilla turning the wheel to play the xylophone.

Gilbert and Evan, sharing their passion for onions.

Lily, the chicken farmer. (Evan claims that should be "egg farmer". I stick to the point that there are chickens involved, hence it is a "chicken farmer.)

Gilbert's caught a frog!

Lindsey putting her farm-girl experience to work, building a rock wall.

My sweet pea.

Wow, I love this boy.

Lily, dangling in the boy's clubhouse.

Cheyenne playing the xylophone. This is a pretty cool thing-- you put the wooden balls in little indentations, and when they fall off, they strike the xylophone. You can make a tune by putting them in different spots, but Marilla wanted them all in a perfect row, so her tune was a little monotone.

Racing around the diner.

Rilla, making sure Daddy gets enough... mustard on his cantaloupe? Intriguing...

Cheyenne looks like she has high maintenance customers here. Lindsey looks skeptical, I'm interrogating Cheyenne over the menu, and Evan is just waiting to interrupt with a complaint. Or at least that's what it looks like...

Lincoln, scooting around on the floor and checking out the undercarriage of the stroller.

Papa Bear's workshop.

Kids with the Bear Family.

Shopping at Wegman's.

This looks a little scary-- Elliott in charge of something with wheels.

Lindsey, taking a step up her career ladder by becoming a cashier at Wegman's.

Showing Lily the ropes.

Rilla, shadowed by Daddy.

Two sweet little buddies dealing with a honey purchase!

How cool is it to be able to turn the conveyor belt on and off? Pretty cool.

Time for a train ride! The boys hung out with Aunt Lindsey.

Gilbert smiles for the camera!

Cheyenne and Orianna were at the head of the train, in charge. TOTALLY did not expect these two oldest girls to want to be there.

Lily and Rilla in the caboose with Evan.

Chug, chug, chug!

Lincoln and I, waiting for the train to finish. You might be surprised to learn that I had taken a library book from the shelf and was reading it. Or you might not be surprised.

An artifact map of the U.S. Unfortunately, I cannot read what the t-shirt over NY says.

I love some of the plaques they have, with sayings about "play".

Bethaney and I were wondering, if you took a kid to this museum and explored all the different things there every day for six months, how the kid would turn out compared to a kid that spent those six months in a traditional classroom setting. I think it would be an interesting experiment-- except for the commute time.

This table was a huge hit.

Evan says building an addition to the house modeled after this room will be our little home project after the bathroom is done. THAT should help the kids with cabin fever!

Some of the things that have been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame are kind of funny.

Loved this little Lego scene.

There was a huge model train set-up, and the scenes were all composed of things that have been inducted in the Toy Hall of Fame. Hence, a carousel made out of playing cards-- and Lego horses.

The sun was made out of Tinker Toys.

Nifty house of cards.

Building table. Blocks, Tinker Toys, Legos...

Very cool old quilt.

They had a huge Barbie exhibit. Some of the older Barbie mansions.


Clean-cut Barbie and Ken, in love!

Not sure what this picture was on, but I love how short the girls' skirts are in this wholesome scene! Though I've seen lots of pictures from that era, with skirts that short. Funny!

Slightly surreal.

Little dioramas.

Love this quilt store one.

These were all made by one lady, who made these meticulous little dioramas to commemorate her travels, which were rather widespread.

The little dishes in the corner hutch are too cute.

I like this little plane.

Okay, it's time for bed, my brain is mush. I'm finally better, but Lincoln and Rilla both have runny noses, and Cheyenne has a cough/sore throat/runny nose thing. Nothing too bad for any of them, thankfully. Lincoln turned eight months old on Wednesday, and today is Elliott's half birthday! I think of him as JUST having turned five, but he's five and a half now!

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Lisa said...

Fun pictures again, and I love the little dollhouse scenes! Got a book in NY at that cool old bookstore and want to try some fabric furniture/etc with Breanna. Isn't it amazing how fast the kids grow up?