Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, Yeah, My Blog!

As you'll note, I didn't give a time frame for when I was going to continue my last post. And actually, I'm not really continuing it too much tonight. I just threw up some recent-ish pictures and figured we'd call it good. Even though my throat has stopped feeling like I gargle with razor blades, I still sound like a cranky frog in the morning, especially if I don't get enough sleep! Which was last night-- for some unknown reason, Lincoln threw up once last evening, and then had a high fever all night. It did not make for a restful sleep.

Today, Elliott had tubes put in his ears! We've been concerned about his ears for about a year now, but the length of time required to get into any ear specialists around here is insane! Anyway, I was really hoping it would all go well, and it did. Evan took him in early this morning, while I stayed with the kids. Elliott bounced right back from the anesthesia and didn't complain of any pain after the first few minutes. He was home by 9:30, and was my normal, bouncy little boy all day! The doctor told Evan that one ear had "very thick fluid" in it, and the other ear had "thicker fluid!" The doctor thinks we should notice a difference in his hearing ability almost immediately.

Bethaney is responsible for these pretty icicle shots.

Although my husband is highly embarrassed that there are icicles on our house. It's a sign of poor construction practices. In his defense, it's mostly because the attic was open to the heated house for several weeks when Evan tore out the bathroom.

We had to have cinnamon rolls when Lily and Orianna were down. Evan likes spoiling Cotten kids. And the White kids don't object. Rilla looks highly intelligent in this picture.

Playing meeting. I love the grown-up crossed legs on Orianna and Cheyenne.

Lincoln had lots to watch that week!

Cheyenne and Orianna comparing notes.

Rilla, singing her little heart out.

Gilbert stuck close to Mommy's side, while Aunt Lindsey started her taxes. It was a bonus day (for me!) because Lindsey's flight was canceled because of the weather, and Bet stayed here the extra day because it was snowing and blowing, especially north of here. I didn't mind having them stay! Although I do think it was poor form on Bethaney's part to beat the hostess at Garbage.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday with lots of help!

More icicle shots. The other ones must have been from Bethaney's camera.

And, the cinnamon rolls again!

Mr. Lincoln is eight months old today! I snapped a bunch of pictures of him the other day, when he was in a smiley mood.

He's usually in a smiley mood, but I actually had the camera out at this point!

Dimple boy!

He's already gritting his teeth, even though he only popped his top two teeth through last week.

Man, he's perfect.

So, at eight months, Lincoln is getting pretty good at eating finger foods. He's capable of crawling, but he still prefers creeping. He can sit if you set him down that way, but he doesn't get into the sitting position himself. He loves pulling himself to standing (note the head bruises in the above pictures) but he doesn't have a really good method from getting down from those standing positions! He growls like a lion when he's happy, and talks lots of baby talk. We're still madly in love with our dessert baby!


Lisa said...

How exciting Elliott finally got tubes in his ears, hope he improves quickly!

Saturday said...

i love icicles! as kids we thought they were the best popsicles, and mom tried discourage us with talk of dirt and chemicals...and dad was just embarrassed to have any on his house! good thing he didn't build the house...that would have made it worse.

Alma said...

Hey, Clover, what's a dessert baby?

I absolutely love the pictures of the kids playing meeting! What a treasure!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

A dessert baby, Alma, is the sweet baby that finishes off your meal (family)! Lincoln is our last baby, and he sure is sweet!