Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Busy Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's day today, even if it wasn't the traditional breakfast-in-bed, lounging around lazily kind of day. Very busy, but nice. Which pretty much encapsulates being a mother to four young squidlets!

We had company this weekend, so the kids have been spoiled with lots of attention.  Angela and Elliott hung out on the top of the swingset...

While Auntie and Lincoln chatted.

I love how Elliott is lounging in mid-air here.  Both Cheyenne and Marilla were very worried that he was going to fall off the top of this, so I had to reassure them that he was fairly safe-- if a bit silly!

Evan mowed the lawn for the first time this year on Friday night.  We were the last ones to mow in our neighborhood.  He still couldn't get into the very back of the yard, which still has standing water.

Cheyenne's bouquet for me.

They don't last as picked flowers, but these sure were pretty for the first bit!

This girl's eyes will always be pretty.  I can see Evan's point when he complains that those eyes make it hard to discipline her!

And... my Mother's Day present!  Evan brought this home Saturday as "my" gift.  Funny thing is, it's a grill Evan has been hankering for over a year!  It's a combination charcoal and gas grill.

I wanted to take a family picture with my four kids this morning, but right before we left for meeting, Cheyenne decided she had to go to the bathroom, and Rilla and Elliott were bounding around doing their own thing.

So I got a picture of me with The Latest Addition.

Hard to believe he wasn't here last Mother's Day!

Finally corralled Marilla, but she was NOT in the mood for pictures.

And, we're up to three... but that's when Evan decided we needed to leave, and Cheyenne still hadn't appeared.  So no carefully posed picture... but at least I *have* four beautiful kids!

We had a nice big lunch after meeting this morning-- London Broil and potato packets on the grill, Farmer's salad and roasted broccoli.  By the time we did dishes, and I slipped in the required Sunday afternoon nap, it was time for our afternoon gospel meeting.  After meeting, Dana and Marilyn arrived, pizza in hand, so we had a nice easy supper and some nice visits.  Plus, I won the game of Progressive Rummy we played... but they all claim they were being nice to me for my mother's day gift!  :-)


Amy said...

The grill is a win-win situation if you ask me- Evan got what he wanted and you don't have to do the cooking on the grill!

Happy Mother's Day to you a day late! I loved the dandelion bouquet!

Virginia said...

Haha one year Mary bought me a game she had really wanted and w/in an hour of me opening it, she had it downloaded on the computer and played it for the next week straight. So I can feel your pain w/ the grill. :-)