Monday, May 23, 2011

My Kids Keep Life Interesting

After an hour of going-to-bed maneuvers, we heard Elliott at the top of the stairs.  Again.  "What do you want NOW, Elliott?"  "Um, sharks can bite you, but good sharks can be nice."  I'm glad he stayed awake long enough to impart that little nugget of wisdom.

I found a page from Cheyenne's diary laying on the floor.  (I'm not the kind of mother that sneaks around actually opening a kid's diary and reading it.  Mostly because Cheyenne falls in love with the idea of a diary about twice a week and starts it in a different notebook, which she then leaves lying around the house.  So there's not a lot of sneakiness needed to read her diary.)  This if from last Sunday morning.


"Woke up was damp looking on the porth [porch] got reddy and to eat brakfast and polde out my toth. (that was bfor brakefast)"

Before you know it, she'll be writing her own blog.


Verity Earl said...

Haha, I love that Elliott! What a hilarious nugget. So important to know that some sharks are nice. Key to life, really. Can't wait to start reading Cheyenne's blog!

Virginia said...

Cheyenne's style of writing is very reminiscent of writing from the 1700s. Do her "s"'s look like "f"'s?