Monday, January 12, 2009

Shopping and Sleep

I've had threads of things I wanted to write about on this blog running through my head all day... but now that I have time to sit down and type, I'm mostly thinking of bed!

Update on my children's intelligence-- Elliott is now singing the whole alphabet perfectly, and knows the whole first verse to "Tell me the Story of Jesus." Cheyenne casually counted to 100 the other day at breakfast. Marilla isn't saying much, but has started to wave, and loves to chuckle. It's awesome how much she loves Cheyenne and Elliott. Cheyenne went from driving her nuts most of the time to being someone that she loves to see. Cheyenne sometimes fills the big sister role a little too admirably. She likes to carry Marilla around, which is highly forbidden. The other day, she carried her down stairs! That was really scary. The worst part of her punishment is that I told her she would have to tell Daddy what she did when he came in. She wasn't afraid of Daddy punishing her, she just didn't want Daddy to know she'd done something wrong!

I stayed away from Wal-Mart for a month-- then went Friday and spent a LOT of money. Not sure that was a cheaper way to do things. I do think it was good, though, to just think about my shopping more. I probably overcompensated for some of the things we'd run out of-- raisin bran springs to mind! :-) The pantry is a solid wall of blue-- Great Value Raisin Bran! I plan on not shopping again until the 23rd-- the end of a credit card statement. That way, only one big shopping trip on a bill. Saturday I also went to the mall and bought calendars. Beside the one Cheyenne got for a birthday present from her Alaskan cousins, we didn't have any calendars. Since I couldn't buy them until January 9th, though, they were all 50% off! They didn't have some of the ones I usually get, so it forced me to branch out and try some new ones. I've had a Mary Englebreit calendar for years now, but it's replaced with a pretty herb calendar this year!

I think my brain has really gone to sleep-- Rilla is NOT sleeping through the nights at all. I think the few nights she did was just an elaborate ploy to make me happy for a week. I am being very good about putting her back in her bed after each feeding, though, so hopefully we're slowly working towards a goal! Anyway, I am off to sleep! Hopefully, I wake up someday soon with a brain full of witty, pithy blog sentences, but they just ain't here tonight!


The McCoys said...

No pictures??? :) Emma's going on 14 months and still no sleeping through the night so I can sympathize :) Take care!

Katie said...

And oscar just started:-) a month before he turns two:-) and madeline, she's a different story altogether:-)

Alaskan Vaughans said...

So my kids definately are and have long been great sleepers, BUT...... they made a huge mess today (while I was making dinner) by spreading peanut butter all over the clothes, sheets, and pretty quilts I made for Breanna's bed!!! =/ I know Dawn gets tough grease stains out of material, but I don't exactly feel like scrubbing it all in the tub, and you can't put Dawn in the washing machine. So count your blessings. =)