Sunday, January 4, 2009

Old Pics of My Sisters

I was just sorting through CDs in my desk drawers, and I found an unlabeled CD. It turned out to be a pretty random assortment of family pictures, mostly taken by Bethaney, I believe. Anyway, I was struck anew by how cute my two little sisters were/are. (My other two "little" sisters are strikingly beautiful, of course, but too close in age to me to be called "cute"). Actually, Olivia and Tori are rapidly outgrowing "cute" but they were sorta my babies for a long time-- it will take me a while to reclassify them! Anyway, this baby-sleeping-through-the-night (mostly) thing is pretty intoxicating-- I should be sleeping by now, but it's so tempting to stay up when you know you will have several hours unbroken sleep. So instead of sleeping, I uploaded some of those pictures. They are in NO order, and I'm not going to bother captioning them. They are of Olivia and Victoria... Enjoy pictures of beautiful little girls.

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