Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Upside to Old Windows...

One upside to old windows... is that they have beautiful frost patterns on cold mornings.

This pattern sort of looks like strings of pearls.

These pictures didn't turn out that exciting, but I had to post them anyway.

This has been the picture of our weekend. Evan and Cheyenne woke up Saturday morning-- they inherited a stomach bug from Marilla, who I think got it from Grandpa Lee, who got it from Lillian, who passed it on to Justin... Anyway, there wasn't much going on around here Saturday, besides germs. Poor little Marilla still has lingering effects (i.e. really gross diapers) from her bout with it. Elliott didn't get a speck of the illness, so his energy made up for the lack of energy on Cheyenne's part. After lots of caretaking, I was ready for a nap Saturday afternoon, but Elliott wasn't on board with that. He's talking so much these days, though, I find it hard to do anything but smile at him. I can't believe I used to worry he'd never talk!

On Friday, before Cheyenne got sick, we had one day where the temperature was above freezing!

The kids took advantage of this RARE occasion to play outside together. Elliott could actually walk around without assistance because the snow melted off the sidewalk. Normally, he can only be outside if an adult is holding on to him, since his balance still isn't up to walking on snow. And we've had lots of snow!

Elliott with his shovel.

Cheyenne in the chair she'd scraped out of our yucky snowdrift. This drift is after 12 hours of 40 degree temperatures-- not sure where the snowblower is going to blow it next!

Cheyenne was quite pleased with her chair. Wearing Mommy's hat makes her eyes look funny, though!

Elliott laughing as he attempts to make his own chair.

We've had quite the busy week. Lindsey was due to fly home to Alaska on Thursday. The plan was for Dad to bring her down Wednesday, but I could tell Tuesday that Dad was sick enough he wasn't going to be up to doing it. Tuesday afternoon, I packed for the three kids and myself and had us out of the driveway in 45 minutes from the time I decided to go! Those were quite the active 45 minutes! I had had very little sleep the night before, so it was an interesting drive, as I tried every trick in the book to keep myself awake. Marilla, thankfully, didn't try any of these tricks-- she slept pretty much the whole way! Rather unusual.

It was fun to be on the farm, even if it was only for 24 hours. Cheyenne got to feed cows twice! I'm so glad Cheyenne has started to love doing these things. She has been so afraid of animals, and tractors, and lots of things in her young life, so I'm glad to see her having courage to face them. Granted, it still took her about 20 minutes of edging away from the exuberant dogs to get to the barn that night, but it's a step! :-)

Lindsey came back with us Wednesday night, through some pretty yucky roads. It took us four hours instead of the usual three. Glad to get home safely, especially with our old, uninsured van. It has collision insurance on it, of course, but it's not worth having comprehensive on it. Makes me a little nervous to think what would happen if I ran it in the ditch, though!

Thursday morning I ran Lins to the airport at 4:30 in the morning. Then, at 8:00 a.m., Rilla started being sick. I had to drag her with me to take Cheyenne to school, but by the time I had to go get Cheyenne, she was throwing up every 10 minutes, and I couldn't see taking her anywhere. Thankfully, Ginger was home that day and volunteered to come watch her while I did the school run. Don't know what I would have done otherwise! Thursday was quite the laundry day. I washed LOTS of Rilla outfits, and crib sheets, and Elliott's jeans that Cheyenne had spilled water on while trying to help him eat breakfast (because I was busy bathing Rilla and changing her AGAIN!), and the clothes I was wearing when Rilla threw up on me... Needless to say, I was delighted when Evan was home by 4:15!

Whenever someone in our family gets a vomiting bug, the differences in the upbringing of Evan and I raise their head. In most things, our families were very similar. Same values, discipline techniques, love of books-- all the important stuff! :-) BUT, when their family was sick, they threw up in the toilet. I know this is an accepted practice, probably 90% of people do it, but it always throws me for a loop to think about it! When WE were sick, we got out The Pot (old metal mixing bowl). Then, Mom would empty it for us as needed. Saturday, as Cheyenne ran frantically for the drawer where I keep my mixing bowls, Evan told her she could throw up on the potty, too. I told him that that was not an option here! When I am in the pink of health, kneeling beside the toilet nauseates me. Why would a sick person want to be in the grossest part of the house? Anyway, I'll dismount from my high horse now-- but that is my Official Pampering Stance. I may make the kids put on their own winter boots, and get their own drinks out of the fridge, and put away their own toys... but as long as I am mobile, I will empty their little puke pots, wash them out with apple-scented dish soap, dry them, and tenderly place the pot back beside their towel-covered pillow on the sofa!!

Now, I need to go to bed so I have the energy to carry this out as needed. Hopefully, it will not be needed for many more months!

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Cecil said...

In the Parker household, we had the "pink dish" for upchuck moments. And a Momma that would hold our head and the dish - can you top that one?!?!?! She still does it, as is evidenced when Carol got sick up home in November.