Thursday, January 1, 2009

Party at the White House!

Yup, it was the quite the party here last night. I have photographic proof-- here was the scene at 8:25 p.m. last night.

Elliott, fast asleep and sounding like a steam engine run amok. Poor little kid was so stuffed up you could hear him breath throughout the entire house. And yes, those are pink sheets is sleeping on. His Aunt Lisa (the AK one) made him beautiful blue sheets, with a fitted bottom for the top sheet, a couple of years ago, but they got dirty the other day so I threw Cheyenne's old sheets (also from Aunt Lisa) on the bed. I am totally spoiled now with Lisa's sheet sets-- can't use any other kind.

Cheyenne, almost asleep, but smiling for Mommy.

Evan Joe, my other boy, fast asleep. He really was not feeling well yesterday, with a head cold and cough and lots of aches and pains. After the 12 hour sleep he had, though, he's functioning.

And Rilla... "WHY did you set me down, Mommy? Especially on this stupid diaper changing table which means you are planning on torturing me by changing my diaper or (GASP!) even changing my clothes??" After the horrendous Diaper Episode, though, she was a perfect baby. I set her in her crib after her nightime snack at 8:45, and she didn't even whimper. She had a coughing fit at 11:00, cried a little but put herself back to sleep. Then, at 7:00 a.m. this morning, I heard rustling noises and went to see her standing at the crib rails, smiling good morning! Best New Year's Eve EVER if you factor in that!

So while we were all feeling under the weather last night, it doesn't even begin to compare to the horrendous flu we had ten years ago. Evan and I were dating at the time, and we were staying at Mom and Dad's house. We were planning on heading over to Brent Chappell's for a New Year's Eve Party, but either Evan or I (I forget which) woke up feeling yucky the morning of December 31st. By midnight, the whole house was sick. Evan and I did have a romantic moment, though... as I went tearing into the bathroom at the stroke of midnight, I passed the other bathroom door where Evan was making horrendous noises, stopped and tapped on the door and said, "Happy New Year, honey!" Then I went and puked my guts out for the remainder of the night. Memories, eh? :-)

This was the scene in the living room the next morning. I don't remember if Bethaney was really feeling well or just got dressed to be heroic. She was in the minority, either way. That's little Tori in the pink sweatshirt in the foreground.

And a sick little Olivia.

While I was going through old photo albums to find the Flu Pictures, I found this one of Lindsey with Olivia and Victoria. While I always think my kids take after the White side of the family, they sure look like Cheyenne and Marilla here!

We're looking forward to a lazy day here. Evan is making Shredded Wheat bread, a recipe he perfected during the unemployement phase in Alaska. We may not have had two incomes for a while, but we sure did have good bread!

This appetizing looking brown gloop will be yummy bread by the afternoon! Hope you all enjoy your New Year's Day, and have a wonderful year!

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