Monday, September 20, 2010

Elliott's Day at Home

Elliott did not go to school today, and I don't think he'll be going to school for the rest of the year. When we told him last night that he did not have to go to school anymore, he underwent an amazing transformation. I hadn't realized how quiet and sad he had become until we got back our noisy, busy, happy Elliott. I worried he would regret not going to school when Cheyenne left on the school bus, but there wasn't a twinge.

I was listening today as he was playing with Marilla, and as he played family with their dolls, and "fixed the power" in their house, and played school, I realized that he will have plenty of stimulation here at home. School will come soon enough!

I also remembered how tiring my energetic Elliott is-- I need to go to bed now! :-)


akvera said...

Good call mama.

Lisa said...

Sounds like he would be better off with another year under his belt, and the maturity that happens in just one year is amazing. Looking back at all your posts made me want to cry too, he looked terrified of the bus! Cheyenne is such a good big sister, that's awesome. When he does start next year it will still be a bit frightening (it is for all KG'ers!), but school is good for them. Enjoy the next year with him, although I agreed with your comment about it being easier to only have two to run around with durring the day! Lots of hugs to Elliott, can't wait to see you all- Lincoln is really growing!