Friday, September 17, 2010

LONG week for Elliott

Well, we finished out a whole week of school-- and Elliott still doesn't seem to be a fan of the institution. Evan went in and had lunch with him today, and he was crying as he came in the lunch room. The tears disappeared when he saw Daddy, of course, but I heard from his teacher that he had cried for about 15 minutes when he got to school today.

After school, I went in to talk to Elliott's teacher. She was very understanding, and she didn't push the whole he-has-to-stay-in-school line I was expecting. She said she didn't have any real advice, she doesn't think he would be hurt by a year at home, but she says he is adjusting to the routine of school.

At this point, I think the decision rests with Elliott. After a nice weekend, when I ask Elliott if he wants to go to school Monday morning, we'll see what he has to say. And if he stays home from school on Monday but then says he wants to go to school on Tuesday, that works, too. We're not out to grab the perfect attendance award here!

We're all glad it's Friday night, that's for sure!

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