Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slightly Better Day!

I went in and had lunch with Elliott today, and his teacher said he had had a slightly better morning. He cried quite a few times, but he was fine during art class, when they had "centers", and when he was on the computers. (Maybe he's Evan's son? :-) He was very glad to see me, he sat glued next to me for lunch.

It was interesting to think about the cafeteria from his perspective. Because there were so many kids in there, it was quite loud. Elliott had an assigned seat that seemed to be separate from the other kids, I'm not sure why. He didn't talk to the other kids or even seem to notice them. That surprised me-- he's quite a sociable little guy most of the time, but maybe it's overwhelming to be in a large crowd of kids that are all at least a head taller than him. It was quite a race to try to eat his food in the assigned time. Lunch today was taco salad-- consisting of tortilla chips, hamburger and cheese. He even had a little container of sour cream (one of his favorite foods) to dip the chips in! He also had corn on the side for his vegetable choice. He loves all of these things, and he spent the entire time eating steadily, but he still didn't have near enough time to finish the food. For some reason, seeing him doggedly working on his meal while being so quiet and good just about broke my heart. It sure is hard to let go of the little boy who will always be my miracle baby!

I was worried he wouldn't want to leave me after lunch, but they were headed to the playground after lunch, so he went quite willingly. I'm not sure how it went after that, but Cheyenne says he wasn't crying when he got on the bus this afternoon.

I stayed to eat lunch with Cheyenne after Elliott's lunch, and that was quite a change. She never stopped talking to the other kids. It's funny how different kids can be! I was disappointed to hear that her teacher has taken away playtime tomorrow because some of the kids weren't settling down today-- in my mind, recess/playtime should be set in stone because it allows kids to get to talk to the other kids and run off some energy! I'm hoping her teacher isn't planning on doing that a lot.

Tonight after school, Elliott asked me if school was done yet. He was surprised to hear there are still lots more days of school left! He told me he doesn't like school or want to go to school, but we'll see how he feels in the morning. Maybe in a couple more days he'll start to enjoy it. That's my hope, anyway! I'm not going to be able to make him get on the bus every morning if he is that upset over it-- we may just be doing kindergarten next year!

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