Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hard to Improve

On a day like today...

Owen and Ashley came down last night. This morning, after a lazy breakfast and morning, we went into the farmer's market. We bought lots of healthy vegetables-- and a piece of fried dough. Cheyenne used her own money to buy peaches, and was cute the vendor threw in free pears. Home for some lunch, then Elliott and Cheyenne helped me peel Concord grapes for a recipe I wanted to try. Elliott soldiered through, despite the fact that he had to wipe his hands on a napkin because he was getting "messy." I think he was substituting grapes for eggs-- he kept tapping them on the side of the bowl.

Then, up to snuggle Lincoln for a bit, then a short afternoon nap. Cheyenne and Marilla were enjoying Art Time with Aunt Ashley. Time for supper, and everyone pitched in to help make T-bone steaks, farmer's salad, jasmine rice and applesauce. Haircuts for the boys, baths for the kids, then the brownies that Ashley had made, sprinkled with Reeces's Pieces, M&Ms, and other yummy things. Lindsey called and rhapsodized about her trip on the Richardson Highway and the Denali Highway, and while it made me a tiny bit homesick for Alaska, it made me glad Lindsey was having an awesome weekend. After the kids were asleep, we played Progressive Rummy while listening to some old country. Evan got a perfect hand-- didn't get any points all six hands. Not that any of us minded (HA!) Evan and Owen had cut up apples for apple crisp, so it's sitting, cooling, on the counter, waiting for breakfast tomorrow morning.

All in all, a day that was full of things that made me happy.

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Makes my heart sing!