Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend and the Start of School

Lots has happened around here in the last week.

But this is the thing that's made me an emotional mess.

Elliott has been wanting to go to Kindergarten all summer, but I think it finally hit him that this was big stuff when we took him to orientation the week before school started. This was about the size of the smile I could coax out of him.

We started out the first day of school with a Lincoln snuggle. It's how we start out every day.

My two big school kids! Cheyenne was wonderfully sweet to Elliott-- she relished the position of responsibility!

All four kids, as we waited on the porch.

Rilla's main focus was on the fact that she, too, got a bag of Cheez-Its. (I kinda feel like a bad mother that that's all I had in the house for the kids to pack for snack, but they do like them! Maybe some time I'll tenderly bake them something both nutritious and delicious. Until then, cheesy snacks.)

Still not too sure about smiling, but utterly beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful...

This girl gets more that way every day!

Lincoln sat and watched it all. I had handed Cheyenne my camera by this point, to help her through our LONG wait for the bus.

Cheyenne's portrait of the Tongue Girl.

Her eyes are one in a million. I love this kid.

Cheyenne's picture of Mummy and Elliott. See how amazing I am, managing not to cry? I don't remember crying when Cheyenne went off to school, because she was so big and ready, but Elliott is the polar opposite of "big" and "ready".

Cheyenne helping Elliott fix his tag.

Daddy waiting with us.

He was looking back at this point, and if it hadn't been for Cheyenne's death grip on his hand, I don't what he might have done.

Waiting until the bus comes to a stop...

And crossing the road!

Still hand in hand!

And then the bus drove off, and I burst into the tears I had been holding back all morning. There was a lot of them. But then I went to the dump, and the bank and Wal-Mart. And while I though about my little babies in school about every five seconds, it WAS easier running errands with only two little bugs.

Here they are, as we wait patiently on the porch for the kids to come home. Lincoln had just woken up.

Wow, they are both beautiful. I am really enjoying having more one-on-one time with Marilla. She is at such an awesome age, and I am loving hearing her use her exploding vocabulary.

Marilla making Lincoln laugh.

The bus is finally coming (about half an hour late!) Yay!!

Waiting for the bus driver to direct them across. And yes, that is the last time Cheyenne is wearing that skirt-- those legs have sure lengthened this summer!

Evan took Cheyenne and Elliott into New York City before Labor Day weekend so they could pick up Uncle Tyler and Aunt Julie. (At some point, I have to steal Evan's pictures off his phone-- cute pictures of kids checking out every playground in Central Park!) Rather than sit at home waiting for them to come back, I took my two babies up to Vaughans' and helped get ready for the Vaughans' Second Annual Pig Roast.

People hanging out Saturday morning.

Coloring books seemed to be the hot entertainment for the teen-and-over crowd.

Abby and Austin playing duets.

This is a blurry picture, but I liked Miss Marilla-Maroo's curls.

Lily and Rilla.

Some of the sunflowers from Bet and Ashley's garden.

Ashley Potter hanging out with my kids.

Lucy and Alice, watching the circus.

Gilbert and Mike.

Olivia and Amy getting serious about coloring.

Kim giving Lily a ride.

Alex and Tori.

Victor and Dale, looking like they are discussing something of great importance.

Abby, Heidi and Laura.

This picture is payback for Mom saying, "Clover! Would you stop bothering people with the camera." But I wouldn't have posted this picture if it hadn't been bee-you-tee-us.

Peoples (young peoples) on their way to Split Rock.

On their way to Split Rock to SWIM, even though it was in the 60s.

Bronson wouldn't get in the picture, so I took one of just him anyway.

More people joined the crowd.

Then, I had to tear myself away, because it was time for the White's reunion at our place! I've heard reports that many exciting things happened after I left Saturday afternoon, but I find them hard to believe. After all, *I* wasn't there!

Sunday morning with two handsome gentleman.

Anyone who doesn't admit he's the most beautiful baby in the world has a screw loose.

Look at the vest bulging over his adorable little belly. And his fat little hands! And his cleft chin!
And bright blue eyes! I like my baby.

All the Whites, Sunday afternoon.

Of course, it's hard to get a picture with everyone smiling in the same direction, but I think these were the best two. Thanks to Angela for patiently taking lots of pictures!

Whites, Jr.

We wanted a picture of Julie and Cheyenne's matching Marilyn-sewn skirts, but Elliott wanted to be in the picture, too.

Aren't they a cute little family? :-)

It was SO good to see these guys!

The smart young couple.

Dana and Marilyn and their kids.

Evan and I. My white shirt apparently made the camera decide to bleach everything out.

At least we're both facing the same camera here!

On Labor Day, we all went apple picking.

Here, gap-toothed Cheyenne is begging Grandma to "start" the apple-- she can gnaw away if someone takes the first bite.

Lots of discussion about which was the favorite variety.

Aunt Bet bought Cheyenne this shirt in the spring sales, and it was quite appropriate for the day.

Elliott will not EAT apples, but he sure loves to pick them. He took his own bag and filled it right up.

The four kids.

The kids love having people that read to them come to visit!

They were a bit sleepy by this point.

Lincoln can sit in his Bumbo now!

I took some pictures of him at three months (September 2nd).

There's usually at least one part of the picture that is blurry of him-- he likes to move!

Good neck control!

There's the dimple!

Four kids in the bath the other night!

I feel this post lacks wit and wisdom, but I am too tired to think clearly at this point. I'm just counting it as a personal triumph that the pictures are posted. Night, all!

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